Can I get this as a tattoo?

“Clearance” Is My New Favorite Word

Welp (yes that’s a word, to me at least), I’m all moved in to my new place and terribly lacking on an update. Here it is: I hardly had anything to move, so the entire process took exactly one morning. The unpacking process however, I managed to make that span a couple of weeks, but only because I didn’t mind being a bit lazy about it. The apartment is working out really well, and the only complaint I have is that my neighbors are not really my cup of tea, per say. I’ll put it this way, they must be trying out for a debate team soon with all of the arguing they do, and they have to be billionaires in the furniture moving business to explain all the booming noises that often happen above my place. I kid, and it’s really fine, it’s just apartment living.

In other news, I will be hosting my first house guest for thanksgiving this year! I really lucked out and got the one person who won’t complain about a thing, you see, I got my Grandma Jo. She’s the type who won’t put down the dish rag until you physically steal it from her hands, and she won’t stop offering to make you curtains or pancakes or polish food until she literally loses voice. She’s sweet and overprotective and excited to see my first solo living arrangement, so I’m happy to have her. I think we’ll have fun!

Being on a tighter budget has made me look around for some wallet friendly Christmas gifts to give this year. I’ve come across a lot of good ideas browsing through, you guessed it, Pinterest of course (I get sucked into that site entirely too easily).  Though, I love giving a really fitting gift to those I care about, so the search for and trial of some of these finds has been pretty fun for me.

I’ll leave you with this funny e-card that fits my current “counting-every-penny-because-I’m-a-renter” status right now:

Can I get this as a tattoo?

From the prairie with love,


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